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About Eliye Springs

Eliye Springs is a beautiful site with a unique beach on the Western side of Lake Turkana, which is on the way back to the map in Kenya's Tourism industry.

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Camping Facilities

The huge compound leaves a lot of space for camping. You can put up your tent between the sand dunes, under palm-trees or near the beach.

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Lodge at Eliye Springs Resort

A boma contains a main house (the biggest ever built Turkana hut) with double bed and some furniture, a verandah facing the Lake, a tiled bathroom and a space for sunbath, relaxing and pleasure.

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The Magical  Eliye Springs 

Eliye Springs, for many a magic word, for others a lost chance, for you      perhaps a new word! Eliye Springs, Located on the Northern part of Kenya, an Oasis in the Desert , Lake Turkana! With endless unspoiled white sandy beach, a palm resort of it’s own at the biggest desert Lake in the world!


An ideal place for all sorts of water sports.

Boma EnvironmentYes, Springs are there in Eliye Springs, to serve the resort, but also the local community. Water with Mineral-water-quality!


The site is well secured with a fence and security personnel. It has enough space not only for the camp site, but also for the beautiful Eliye Springs Resort.

Quick Contacts

Mercy : Tel. +254 738 827 522
Rolf :Tel. +254 703 891 810


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